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Some of Rogue380’s most recent work was done without any members of the team meeting the client in person. Or even without some of our team members ever meeting each other in person. And while we got the job done, and done well, I sometimes can’t help but wonder what the impact of meeting up in person would have been. Maybe we would have been more efficient. Maybe communication would have been smoother. And maybe not. But what I do know is that personally I miss the excitement I get from meeting new people and seeing old friends and visiting exciting places.  

So in the honour of travel bans being lifted imminently, today we look at brands and companies Going Rogue in travel. Because sometimes, there is nothing like blazing a new trail, exploring new places, and meeting new and old friends, in person.

Baboon to the Moon

From a brand perspective I love Baboon to the Moon. A company that creates “bags for adventures”. They have a memorable name, memorable products, and memorable communications.

Last year they sent out an email that had a picture of a dolphin and a link to a video featuring dolphins. That’s it. No product. No sales or promotions. But from that point on, I actually looked forward to hearing from them, not knowing what to expect. I feel the same way about their product drops and limited edition designs. So next place I head to, I am bringing a Baboon to the Moon bag with me.


With the Airbnb’s and Sonder’s of the world shifting ever so slightly closer to hotels by offering standardized amenities and service, some hotel developers are moving ever so slightly into the realm of home-like stays.

The best example is the Lyle in DC. Owned by the Lore Group, the hotel is not only located within a residential neighbourhood in Dupont Circle, but the feel of the hotel was crafted to feel less like a hotel and more like somewhere you could actually imagine yourself living. After-all, the building the hotel is in was once an apartment block.

When you visit the website, keywords like “neighbourhood” or “belonging”, that you would expect to see in an ad for Airbnb are prominently featured.

Will we be seeing more of these “home-tels” in the future?


In the midst of the pandemic Iceland released a campaign putting forward the benefits of visiting. But it wasn’t a typical tourism type spot. Instead it empathized with people around the world. People who due to the pandemic were stressed or anxious and needed to find a way to simply let it all out. Not only did it position itself as a destination where you can feel free, it created an actual site that would allow people to record stress relieving screams.

Just last week Iceland launched a new initiative. Knowing that we all spent the last year and a half living in sweatpants, Iceland has now started turning your old sweatpants into boots. Boots that are perfectly suited to explore the various and beautiful terrain of Iceland. (Yes, I have always wanted to visit Iceland, I love cold weather more than warm weather, and I have to admit this work makes me want to visit even more)

Space Perspective

And finally, after a year that felt like science fiction, how can I not talk about space travel? I don’t need to be the first in space, but I do think I would like to experience it at least once before I die.

I’m sure there will be more options and even cheaper options (Space Perspective will charge about $125,00 for a round trip), but their space balloon capsule seems an interesting way to visit space…well that is unless space aliens visit us first…

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