Rogue380 is a full-service boutique advertising agency in Toronto.
We collaborate with local, national, and international clients to create, build, and execute
campaigns that demand attention.


Defiant by definition and fiercely independent, we believe in doing things differently.

Business is personal

We build strong relationships through communication and partnerships through investment.

It’s how we can truly understand your unique challenges, and how we can provide value with proactive, reactive, and meaningful solutions.

It’s a level of customer service, dedication to your business, and passion for your brand that traditional agencies simply can’t match.

Collaborators over clients

We treat clients as partners and bring them in early to play an active role in identifying brand, market, and product opportunities. Then, we solve them in uniquely creative ways.

The outcome is a tailor-made solution for you, your business, and your goals. No surprises. No wasted time. Just work that works.

Knowledge is power

We know what works. You know your brand. Together, we’ll make something that works for your brand. We’re not bound to media companies, platforms, or even vendors.

Our team of veteran professionals uncover insights, build strategies, and craft remarkable solutions that answer your needs.

To “go rogue”

To break  from convention with a bold, innovative spirit.

Every brand is unique. Where it started, where it stands, where it’s going – these are all reflections of a company’s passion and purpose. We help our clients crystalize, create, and share their stories.

Whether you want to speak to new customers, break into new markets, or solidify your position as the category leader, we know the best way is to stand up for what you believe in, and stand out from the crowd.

About Us

We are a full service entrepreneurial collective, not a traditional agency. We bring smart people to the table to custom build a team agile and empowered to solve the challenges of a brand.

We are brought into the conversations at the beginning to become the brand stewards and guardians of the strategy and creative content.

We excel at storytelling and creating the right environment and channels to spread it / we understand that all kinds of technology and experiences should be explored… Mining the brand equity in the consumer, your brand ambassadors.


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Rogue380's strategic approach is to unpack, understand, and uncover the why. What drives your segment, your consumers, your product? We dive deeper into motivations and insights to create big ideas for your brand with an identity that can’t be ignored.

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Design is more than just colour palettes, fonts, and logos. It’s a powerful way to communicate ideas, feelings, and emotions. Your design reveals more than any creative ever could and that’s all before even saying a word.

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Half science, half art, all powerful. Creative may be subjective. But when it’s built on keen insights, clever strategy, and flawless execution, it generates results.

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Our production team are wide-ranging masters in their fields, building mobile-first digital experiences that stop thumbs and out of home experiential installations that turn heads.

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